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Afaq Ahmad

S1625481 |

Project roles: Software Architect & Process Analyst

My roles in this project will be to play my part as a software architect and process analyst. As a software architect I was responsible for making the high level designs choices and dictate technical standards. I was responsible for deciding on the software pattern that would best suit Locate-A-Quake. The pattern decided was event based and MVC for the user to manipulate the view without changing the underlying data.

As a process analyst I worked with my team members to decide on the best way to undertake the project and break down the work into smaller tasks as this will help everyone improve their understanding of the project.

Alex Carruthers


Project roles: Backend Developer & Data Engineer

As a back end developer I am responsible for the server, application and database. I build and maintain the technology that enables all those components to come together. As a back end developer I will meet with the business stakeholders then translate those into technical requirements and come up with the best solutions for architecting the technology.

Andrew McAvoy

S1316078 |

Project roles: Frontend Developer & Tester

As a front-end developer I am responsible for implementing the visual elements that users see when they interact with the web application. This involves utilising CSS stylesheets and frameworks. Also, there is some JavaScript scripting involved, to manipulate some of the elements on the webpage.

As tester, it is my role to design testing scenarios for usability, acceptance, and unit tests. I also interact with all developers throughout the implementation stage to ensure all deliverables are fit for purpose and meet the project specifications.

David Fagan

S1825830 |

Project roles: UI Designer & Frontend Developer.

Owing to my previous experience, my roles in this project will be to play my part as UI Developer and Front-End Developer.
As UI developer I am responsible for the look and feel of the Locate-A-Quake website. I will use my previous web development experience to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows users to navigate the site and access the information easily.

As front-end developer I along with other team members will collaborate toe ensure that the site performs as expected. As part of the development team I am responsible for fixing any bugs found, if you find any bugs during your experience please contact me via the email above.

Jack Moore

S1628300 |

Project roles: SCRUM Master & Software Tester

As a Scrum Master I was required to ensure the team followed an agile methodology when implementing new features to the site and to regularly update the next goal in the development of the locate-a-quake site. By using Scrum we aimed to regularly update the site with new functionality. As a software tester my role involved navigating the site and evaluating the user experience and looking for any errors or broken features that need to be repaired. This role exists to ensure that the site is working properly and gives users the experience we intended.

Matt Alston

S1824614 |

Project roles: Project Manager & Software Test Analyst

I have undertaken the roles of Project Manager and Software Test Analyst. during the creation of the locate-a-quake website. As a PM I am responsible for the scheduling and allocation of work between the team and to make sure locate-a-quake progresses towards a successful conclusion.

As the Software Test Analyst, I am tasked with the creation of the overall test strategy in order to minimise risks and prevent problems that could cause delays to the project. Also, I will be testing the website throughout with other members of the team making sure the services it provides are streamlined and bug free.