This project is being undertaken as part of the Integrated Project 3 module. The module involves forming a group of six students and working together to plan, design, develop, test, and evaluate a final piece of software – all while following a relevant software development methodology. At the end of the module, a group report will be submitted alongside the complete piece of software which will be demonstrated. Additionally, each group member will complete an individual reflective report and a peer evaluation report.

The main concept of this project is to provide a map-based visualisation of extreme weather across the world. This will be implemented through the use of a variety of technologies, including CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML and PHP. It will be easy to access and will be interactive for users, as well as being responsive so that users on any devices will be able to use the website.

As well as the Weather and Earthquake pages, there have been four extra data visualisation pages created as part of the project (Oil Rig Valve sensor, Air Traffic Visualisation, Wine Production across the EU, Stocks). Each of these pages display different data in interesting ways, and make use of a broad range of APIs and technologies.

JavaScript has been used throughout the project, as has HTML and CSS for front-end implementation. GeoJSON has also been used heavily, as it allows for map-based visualisations.

For more information on the technologies used throughout the project, please visit the Tutorial page.

The project has been carried out as a group, with each group member having individual specific roles. However, due to our adoption of the Scrum methodology and the collaborative nature during sprints, all team members have contributed across the board. The Authors page contains a profile for each group member which includes a description of the roles they played throughout the project.

Project Specification

Embedded below is the project specification document. Alternatively, click here.